Business Gas


The Fresh Approach To Your Gas Procurement

Experts in our industry, we can help you understand a complex market, which can change daily, impacting your current and future arrangements. 

We will complete an energy audit to understand your current arrangements and make recommendations to aid your understanding of various meters and tariffs whilst ensuring to secure you the most competitive package. 

Many factors affect the energy market and we are here to help you have a better understanding of the market and aid your buying decisions, utilising our expertise to build a long and lasting relationship. 

Factors including seasonal demand, storage facilities, world events and OPEC sanctions all impact this ever-changing market and we are here to help you understand. 

Once we both fully understand your requirements, we will utilise our buying power to negotiate with over 30 suppliers ensuring to meet and exceed all of your expectations whilst securing you an effective energy management strategy. 

We can help you implement an effective energy management strategy and negotiate the required contract option for you specialising in:

  • Fully fixed - All Terms 
  • Pass-Through - All Terms
  • Partial Pass Through - All Terms 
  • Multisite/Group Purchasing 

Let’s find the right package for you!