Business Gas

The Fresh Approach To Your Business Gas

The gas market is a complex place, finding the best gas contract for your business can be a lengthy and time-consuming task with so many meter types, contracts, tariff’s and suppliers where do you start?             

Fresh Energy will ensure our team handle all aspects of the procurement process for your business energy, from gathering the relevant information, pricing with the energy suppliers to negotiating a great deal. Be sure you’re in great hands with renewal reminders, ensuring you never go on to the pricey out of contract charges.


Here at Fresh Energy we contact up to 44 suppliers to find the right contract for you, with many years of industry knowledge and preferential rates you are in safe hands. Whether you are a small business or a multisite operation be sure we will find you a great deal.  

Commercial Gas Contracts Available  

· Fully Fixed Gas 1-5 years   

· Pass-through Gas 1-5 years  

· Partial Pass-through  

· Group/Multisite

Paying over the odds for commercial gas? Business owners can improve cash flow very easily, utility bills are a large part of the companies yearly cost, by comparing the cost of gas contracts with Fresh Energy you can make a huge yearly saving, these funds can then be used elsewhere in the business.


New research by found more than half (54%) have not switched their providers in the last three years, missing out on potentially £4.3 billion in total.


What influences Gas Prices?  lots of factors affect gas prices in the UK, understanding the gas market and negotiating contracts at the correct time can substantially reduce the cost to your business, here at Fresh Energy we have the skills and market reports to counteract the factors and time the procurement to ensure a fair price on your contract renewal.   

Prices can be affected by weather, if the temperature is lower than expected for the time of year this will place a larger demand on the network and as such increase prices, UK gas storage issues also affect prices as we saw last year when Centrica had safety issues with the rough storage facility off the Yorkshire coast. If the availability is higher than the demand on the gas network then prices will favour the business owner as there is plenty of gas available. 

Let us help you save